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Here's Lookin' At Lizzie

Here's Lookin' At Lizzie

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With a hit show on the Disney Channel and a movie that topped the box office charts, Lizzie McGuire is the girl adored by millions across the country. She's full of personality, she's got fabulous style, and she somehow manages to survive every embarrassing situation that a girl in junior high could possibly face.Read what others have to say about Lizzie and how they really feel about the crazy world of friends, parents, popularity contests, and crushes that comes along with junior high.Inside you'll also find fashion, hair, and make-up tips, a biography of Hilary Duff, and advice on everything from knowing who your true friends are to putting up with the fam!

Book Details

Author Guen Sublette
Publication Year 2003
Publisher Macmillan
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780312326708
Number of Pages 134
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