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Hollywood Hulk Hogan 2 Audio CDs

Hollywood Hulk Hogan 2 Audio CDs

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You think you know Hollywood Hulk Hogan™? Brother, you dont know squat about me. Yeah, Im the towering red-and-yellow warrior who revolutionized the wrestling business, the larger-than-life superhero who transformed an entire country into a horde of Hulkamaniacs™. Im the guy who spit blood and breathed fire to help create an empire called World Wrestling Entertainment™. But it wasnt always like that. Once I was a fat kid named Terry Bollea watching legends like Dusty Rhodes and Superstar Billy Graham, never dreaming Id be a professional wrestler myself one day. Find out what makes me cry like a baby and what makes my blood boil. Then tell me you know the man called Hollywood Hulk Hogan™. Join the Babe Ruth of wrestling on a gritty, no-holds-barred odyssey from his start in the barbaric wrestling arenas of the seventies through the humiliation of his involvement in federal steroid-abuse trials to the achievement of his greatest triumph yet. Along the way, lock up with the likes of Mr. T, Ted Turner, The Rock®...and of course, Vince McMahon™, head of World Wrestling Entertainment™.

Book Details

Author Hollywood Hulk Hogan™ With Michael Jan Friedman
Publication Year 2002
Format Audio CD
ISBN 9780743526876
Number of Pages
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