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Horace P. Tuttle, Magician Extraordinaire

Horace P. Tuttle, Magician Extraordinaire

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'It's my show-my name is up in lights. People come to see me.'  Presenting... Horace P. Tuttle, Magician Extraordinaire and his assistants, Trixie, Irwin, and Gordon. Despite their popular nightly performances, Horace always accuses his assistants of ruining his shows. Fed up with Horace's constant complaining and nasty attitude, they all quit. At first Horace feels that he is better off on his own, but who wants to watch a magician pull grimy galoshes out of his hat? In hilarious error after error, Horace soon discovers that the show just isn't as good as a solo act.

Book Details

Author Christine M. Schneider
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Walker Books for Young Readers
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780802787880
Number of Pages 32
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