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Israel At The Crossroads: Fifty Years And Counting

Israel At The Crossroads: Fifty Years And Counting

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As the fiftieth anniversary of Israel's statehood approaches, CBS broadcast journalist David Dolan offers an insightful and informative overview of the Holy Land's history from Old Testament times to the present day.Written in a fast-paced, journalistic style, Israel at the Crossroads is a mixture of history and autobiography. Containing updated information, it provides a background for understanding what is happening in Israel today. Dolan first examines Arab and Jewish history, focusing on the religious struggle at the center of the conflict and analyzing the role that both Islam and Judaism have played. After carefully tracing rising Arab-Israeli tensions, Dolan then turns to the future of Israel, giving his assessment of the conflict and the chances for a peaceful resolution.

Book Details

Author David Dolan
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Fleming H Revell Co
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780800756581
Number of Pages 299
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