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It Begins With A Dream

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Most of us have kind of love-hate memories about the schools of our childhood. Some things about them were the stuff of the darkest nightmares. Other things were quite wonderful - a collection of people and events that shaped our lives in all of the right directions. 'I happen to remember Tavistock Hall in England's East Sussex with considerable affection. In many ways it really was a turning point in my life . . . it taught me values that would stick with me forever.' This is a book about dreams coming true. You will visit Tavistock Hall, where Peter met the indomitable 'Bucky' and, later in life, marvelled at his simple wisdom. It was at Tavistock Hall that Peter pulled out all the stops and won a sensational race, a victory that gave him the confidence to win many, many more.

Book Details

Author Peter Legge
Publication Year 1996
Publisher Eaglet Publishing
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781550564259
Number of Pages 209
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