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It's A Girl Thing

It's A Girl Thing

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Womankind. In only the human species do you find so many quirks and rituals of the female that so confuse the opposite sex! This is why popular author Jan King takes on the Herculean task of explaining the many mind-boggling idiosyncrasies of female behavior. It's a Girl Thing provides a hysterical analysis of the inherent peculiarities and eccentric mannerisms of women everywhere. Discover the secret reasons why women are drawn to teary movies, overpack for trips, change hair color weekly, and spend thousands on Tupperware. Along with 'Jan's Rules for the Bagging and Feeding of Any Conscious Male in Today's Market,' you'll find her dissertations on lipstick ('One thing that can be predicted with absolute certainty is that there is virtually no chance of a woman having just one tube of lipstick on her vanity table'), underwear ('Personally, I hate the idea of a thong. For Pete's sake, I've spent my whole life pulling my underwear out of there!'), and many more.A must-have for every woman, It's a Girl Thing is one of those special books husbands will want to read as well (secretly, of course) in their quest to understand why ladies insist on owning hundreds of bottles of nail polish.

Book Details

Author Jan King
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780740711312
Number of Pages 208
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