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Joan Lunden's Healthy Living: A Practical, Inspirational Guide To Creating Balance In Your Life

Joan Lunden's Healthy Living: A Practical, Inspirational Guide To Creating Balance In Your Life

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In Joan Lunden's Healthy Living, Joan, co-host for twenty years of America's most popular morning television show, demystifies what it means to take control of your life and your health.Joan Lunden's messages are clear and uplifting and presented in a straightforward manner. She explains how we all can choose what we become, describing what it means to become a witness to your own life, how to shatter self-limits, the power of positive thinking, how to practice non-reactive behavior, the best ways to handle change, and why 'take the higher road' has become her own personal motto. Then, drawing from the insights of experts such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and Deepak Chopra, she explains what the mind-body connection really means and how you can use this concept to improve your life, describing relaxation techniques, how to create personal space, meditation, and massage. She also discusses dealing with change in all its forms and how to accept the consequences in your life.Then Joan moves on to the physical part of the equation, turning her attention to the cycles of a woman's life, from the teen years to the golden years. Combining her own experiences with the knowledge of health experts such as Dr. Nancy Snyderman and psychologist Dr. Ellen McGrath, Joan will help you to prepare for each life stage as it approaches, enabling you to make the most of it physically and mentally. Also included is a section on taking care of your body, discussing nutrition, exercise, and sleep, the three major components of physical good health.

Book Details

Author Joan Lunden
Publication Year 1997
Publisher Clarkson Potter
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780517708958
Number of Pages 256
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