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On a lark, journalist Danny Wallace placed an ad in a small London paper that offered two simple words: 'join me.' What followed was astounding. From all over the world, thousands of replies poured in, effectively 'joining' Danny-but in what, he had no idea. When 'Joinees' began referring to him as 'The Leader,' Danny quickly understood one thing-he had just created a cult. Join Mequickly became a phenomenon. With the help of a few trusted Joinees and the crackpot leader of a well-established cult, Danny promulgates his uncle's dreams of a Utopian society, struggles to keep his girlfriend, manages to stay humble amidst the newfound celebrity, and remarkably provides a sense of purpose and belonging to Joinees everywhere.

Book Details

Author Danny Wallace
Publication Year 2004
Publisher Plume Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780452285019
Number of Pages 337
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