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Joshua: The Homecoming

Joshua: The Homecoming

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With more than four million Joshua books sold, this best-selling sequel has been greeted as the perfect message of peace for the new millennium.Joseph Girzone's inspirational series of novels about the return of Jesus to the present day reaches important conclusions with this fifth installment. 'Joshua: The Homecoming'.The countdown to the year 2000 is affecting people in different ways -- some are curious, others anxious, and still others are panicking. What terrible judgment might the new millennium bring? Amid this atmosphere of uncertainty, a quiet solitary man comes again to the tiny town of Auburn. This carpenter, known as Joshua, first arrived nearly two decades earlier and transformed everyone with his words of peace and his actions of love. But when an immense earthquake strikes just before the new year and other 'signs of the Apocalypse' seem to abound, Joshua realizes that his wisdom must reach beyond this small town in order to help people throughout the world. He must again leave Auburn to spread his powerful message, bringing peace to all once more.

Book Details

Author Joseph F. Girzone
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Image
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780385495103
Number of Pages 272
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