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Judgment In Blood

Judgment In Blood

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In the shadowy fringes of the government-sanctioned Strategic Operations Group, Stony Man closely monitors world hotspots, ready for immediate action when danger strikes. Sophisticated computer and defense systems, as well as elite combat teams, are on full alert 24 hours a day to fight terror at its source. But now a supreme act of global terror may be hot-wired directly to the commander-in-chief himself....The death of a U.S. senator leads Stony Man into a threat of cataclysmic proportions. A plot financed by the nation's largest defense conglomerate, using United Nations humanitarian efforts as a front, is set to unleash apocalyptic fury on the world's religious capitals. The mastermind, a close presidential friend and a major world player, is untouchable; his twisted vision, unstoppable. Undaunted, Stony Man relies on the oldest defense strategy in history: determined fighting men willing to do or die.

Book Details

Author Don Pendleton
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Gold Eagle
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780373619344
Number of Pages 352
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