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Kick In The Assets

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The first comprehensive financial guide for the twentysomething and thirtysomething crowd, A Kick in the Assets is the brainchild of self-made millionaire and motivator Tod Barnhart. His book is a soup-to-nuts collection of insider's tips, organized in an easy-to-use ten-step format. It's specially designed for the people who are new at the money game, but are bored or intimidated by the dry financial planners available on the market. Whether the goal is establishing a credit-worthy present and a bankable future or achieving maximum security and minimum debt, Barnhart offers 'take-charge strategies' that will help anyone get a financial clue.A Kick in the Assets will show readers how to: -- Define success for themselves and discover what they really want -- Get out of debt...and stay out -- Buy and finance a home -- Apply 'take-charge' budgeting that really works -- Looks at the long-term picture without losing sight of today's financial realities -- Invest wisely for the present and the future

Book Details

Author Tod Barnhart
Publication Year 1999
Publisher Perigee Trade
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780399525315
Number of Pages 288
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