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King Of Clubs: Grow Rich In More Than Money

King Of Clubs: Grow Rich In More Than Money

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Born to a poor family in Arkansas, Robert Dedman formed his life goal at the age of eighteen -- he would make $50 million by the age of 50 and give $1 million a year to charity. Now 72, Dedman has achieved his goal...and much, much more.Today, Robert Dedman is one of the most successful developers in the private dub industry. Billionaire philanthropist and chairman of Club Corporation International, he has given more than $26 million to Texas and Florida universities. His 'three-in-one' golf club concept has earned ClubCorp assets worth more than $3 billion, averaging revenues of $1.2 billion a year.But Dedman is about more than money and golf courses. His personal ideals and philosophies are molded by his studies of classical poetry, Browning, Shakespeare and Kipling. And his philanthropic nature and healthy lifestyle have been influenced by his desire to be a well-balanced person. While Dedman may seek material success, his primary goal is richness in life. King of Clubs is a candid and revealing account of how life is worth more than a bank balance, how true wealth is a matter of Spirit.

Book Details

Author Robert H. Dedman
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Taylor Trade Publishing
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780878332021
Number of Pages 220
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