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Kiss Of God - The Wisdom Of A Silent Child

Kiss Of God - The Wisdom Of A Silent Child

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'Kiss of God' is an astonishing collection of inspiring writings by a young boy who is developmentally challenged. Born with a host of difficulties, including the inability fo speak, Marshall has persevered despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Marshall communicates by pointing to specific letters on an alphabet board, and family members or friends transcribe each letter as Marshall indicates. When finished, he then titles and edits the selection, spelling each word correctly. From these letters and words come th inspiring selections collected in this book.His graceful, remarkable words are filled with the purity of his spirit and the love in his heart. In addition to Marshall's beautiful and loving words of inspiration, 'Kiss of God' also contains anecdotes that either detail the circumstances under whick he created each selection or the powerful effects his words have had on readers. In our fast-paced world with all its turmoil and tragedy, the simple and gentle wisdom of 'Kiss of God' is sure to make it a treasured favorite with all readers for many years to come.

Book Details

Author Marshall Stewart Ball
Publication Year 1999
Publisher Health Communications
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781558747432
Number of Pages 205
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