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Last Light: A Nick Stone Mission

Last Light: A Nick Stone Mission

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'The best suspense writer to put pen to paper since Alistair MacLean' (Stephen Coonts) follows up the international bestselling Firewall with the most gripping and timely Nick Stone mission yet. LAST LIGHT Top-secret operative Nick Stone has just aborted an officially sanctioned assassination attempt at the Houses of Parliament. Once he saw who his intended target was, he instinctively pulled out. Now Stone is in a world of trouble. His bosses have handed him a chilling ultimatum: fly to Panama and finish the job he just botched, or Kelly, the young orphan in his guardianship, will be killed. Deep in the sweltering jungle of Central America on an assignment that makes little sense to him, Stone quickly finds himself up to his neck in high-stakes action as he closes in on the key players in a lethal conspiracy involving Colombian guerrillas, the U.S. government, and Chinese big business. Only Stone can stop an international crisis and salvage Western interests, but first there is a critically injured friend to rescue, as well as miles of dense rainforest to navigate. In the explosive finale at the Panama Canal, with countless innocent lives hanging in the balance, Stone is forced to make the toughest decision of his life. Drawing on his experiences as a member of Britain's legendary Special Air Service, world-renowned thriller writer Andy McNab 'delivers authenticity in spades' (Publishers Weekly). 'McNab's greatest asset,' according to London's Sunday Times, 'is that the heart of his fiction is not fiction: other thriller writers do their research, but he has actually been there.'

Book Details

Author Andy McNab
Publication Year 2002
Publisher Atria
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780743406284
Number of Pages 368
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