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Lit Life Audio Book on 4 Cassettes

Lit Life Audio Book on 4 Cassettes

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Set in Manhattan and the Hamptons, LIT LIFE takes us on a romp through the world of two writers. Kyle Clayton, a once-hot-now-not young author/provocateur moves through the New York nightlife in an inebriated haze until he meets his literary hero, the dyspeptic and obscure novelist Richard Whitehurst, who tries to set him right. Whitehurst is suffering his own form of breakdown, due to years of public ambivalence to his work and his own neglect of his much younger wife. As the two spirits collide, they find in the other the crutch theyve both been seeking. The question of which is worth more, celebrity or credibility, is one we all grapple with in the publishing industry, and Kyle and Richard do their best to answer it for us.

Book Details

Author Kurt Wenzel; Dick Hill
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Brilliance Audio
Format Audio Cassette
ISBN 9781587884023
Number of Pages
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