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Mad About The Boy

Mad About The Boy

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Of all the nightmare options that passed through Antonia Heaveringham's head when her husband Hugo uttered the words, 'I've got something to tell you . . .', a coming out speech never figured.Suddenly alone in their adopted home of Sydney, with no friends save for her six-year-old son Tom and a pair of jewelled Jimmy Choo mules, Antonia soon finds that an attractive single woman is not nearly so welcome on the champagne social scene as the wife of a glamorous English aristocrat. It is only the arrival of Hugo's outrageous lavender-haired Uncle Percy that lifts her out of her depression - and propels her into the gym to combat the effects of some serious comfort eating. There she meets the mysterious James, who leads her into a shadowy world of criminals, corruption and high-stakes property deals. But what starts out as a lark leads her into a situation where keeping a secret becomes a matter of life, death - and love.

Book Details

Author Maggie Alderson
Publication Year 2002
Publisher Penguin
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780143000020
Number of Pages 383
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