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Managing Rental Properties For Maximum Profit, Revised 2nd Edition

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There is no reason why landlords must sacrifice their entire lives to managing rental properties—especially if they own just one or two properties. But still, more and more landlords wind up completely frustrated from the constant demands on their properties. In his book,Managing Rental Properties for Maximum Profit,author Greg Perry shares a foolproof system for managing rental properties, making money, and having lots of spare time. Other books on the market offer landlording advice for the big-time landlord, the owner of apartment complexes, and rental corporations. This book is intended for the less-encumbered landlord, someone who just owns one or a handful of properties. This 2nd edition is revised with the latest information on federal housing laws and the use of computers for more efficient record keeping, including a clear guide to researching property listings on the Internet. There are also up-to-date samples of leases, rental applications, eviction notices, and other important documents that can be customized. Readers will learn how to: • Attract desirable tenants • Keep good tenants happy and get rid of bad tenants • Save a fortune on renovations, advertising, and other expenses • Buy new properties and turn them into the most attractive houses on the block About the Author Greg Perryowns and manages or co-manages over 50 rental properties, mostly single-family dwellings. He says his foolproof system for rental management has turned his rental business into a virtual turnkey operation. He is the author of 46 computer how-to-books and teaches full-time at a community college. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Book Details

Author Greg Perry
Publication Year 1997
Publisher Prima Lifestyles
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780761508410
Number of Pages 336
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