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Meditations For New Mothers

Meditations For New Mothers

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Meditations for New Mothers is a little book that should live on every motherís night table. It is a motherís group, the wisdom of the ages, and a really close friend all rolled into one. Moved to write it after the birth of her first son, Beth Wilson Saavedra addresses the full range of emotions, conflicts, anxieties, wonders, and plain old day-to-day issues that arise in early motherhood.Meditations on Love. Meditations on Limits. Meditations on Laughter. Meditations for feeling stretched too thin, for postpartum depression, for needed relaxation ('When I take time to rest I am not wasting time, I am enjoying it'). Meditations on Priorities, Delusions of Adequacy, the Edge of the Abyss, and Serendipity ('All the energy I put into warding off lifeís alterations is energy that I could be using to unexpected surprises that await me each day'). For the ups and downs and unknowns of motherhood comes a balm and a bracer in the form of meditationsóa lifeline thrown from one mother to the next.

Book Details

Author Beth Wilson Saavedra
Publication Year 1992
Publisher Workman Publishing Company
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781563051814
Number of Pages 314
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