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No Opportunity Wasted: Creating A Life List

No Opportunity Wasted: Creating A Life List

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From renowned adventurer and rising television star, Phil Keoghan, NOW: No Opportunity Wasted: Creating a List for Life combines the self-improvement appeal of an inspirational book with the adrenaline-rush of an adventure story. Taking the reader on a series of exciting journeys, Phil sets forth his dynamic and uplifting philosophy, and in a step-by-step manner, shows the reader how to put that philosophy into effect by creating a personalized 'List for Life.' In dramatic narrative form, Keoghan transports the reader from Yucatan Jungle to the African Congo, from the depths of an underwater cave to the top of an erupting volcano. But this is no armchair traveler book. It is an urgent call to action, inspiring and enabling people to overcome fear and seek out memorable experiences of their own. With his fresh and compelling N.O.W. philosophy, this is a book that will help us all dream more freely and live more fully.

Book Details

Author Phil Keoghan; Warren Berger
Publication Year 2006
Publisher Rodale Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781594864049
Number of Pages 256
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