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Now This: Radio, Television...And The Real World

Now This: Radio, Television...And The Real World

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The irreverent news commentator examines the strange and wondrous world of electronic journalism as it collides with that pesky little thing called Reality.From a lifetime of reporting and commentating for local radio, the CBS Radio Network, ABC News, and NPR, Judy Muller has developed an acute sense of the ironic and perverse in her profession, and not since Linda Ellerbee has an insider delivered as hilarious and telling an exploration of the world behind the microphone.Real life, however, has a disconcerting tendency of intruding into even the most public of professions, and it is here, in that peculiar war zone between single motherhood and a deadline-driven career, where Murphy Brown collides head-on with June Cleaver, that Now This fully takes flight. From arrogant anchors, testosterone-filled newsrooms, and consultants happy to help with 'the face thing' to 'I'm going on the air, honey. Shove the hamster's eyeball back in its socket and call me in ten minutes!' Now This is a triumph of wit, insight, and pure storytelling. For, 'No matter how miserable the moment, there is a small figure in my brain who pulls up a chair, whips out a notebook, and whispers, 'Hey, at least it will make a great story!'And so it does.'You're the woman with the balls in her voice?'--Mike Wallace

Book Details

Author Judy Muller
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Putnam Adult
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780399146190
Number of Pages 210
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