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*nsync *ndepth

*nsync *ndepth

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A big part of *NSYNC's endless appeal lies with the unique personality of each band member. *NSYNC *NDEPTH offers personal profiles of J.C., Justin, Joey, Lance, and Chris -- complete with thoughts on career, romance, and music. Find out just what Joey wants from a girl, how dedicated Justin is to Britney, and what Lance is doing outside the studio. Clever boxes chart each singer's rise to fame, and detail the band's style. For every girl who's ever crushed on Chris or swooned over Justin, this fan-friendly photofest is a treat for the eyes and the soul.-- More than ninety tasty photographs capture the band in full color-- Creative 'evolution' spreads chart each band member's journey from child star to pop megastar-- Clever boxed features detail each band member's style from head to toe, with an emphasis on the personality that drives the look

Book Details

Author Maggie Marron
Publication Year 2001
Publisher MetroBooks
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781586632762
Number of Pages 96
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