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Officially Osbourne 1 Audio CD

Officially Osbourne 1 Audio CD

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HOME IS WHERE YOU HANG YOUR HORNS Once upon a time (well, maybe it was last year) in the land of Oz (a place that looks a lot like Beverly Hills, California), reigning Prince of Darkness and heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, his wife and sovereign ruler, Sharon, and teenage heirs to the throne gave MTV camera crews the keys to the kingdom for documenting the Osbourne way of life. The result? The Osbournes. The history-making, Emmy-winning, media-frenzied, televison-family-concept-redefining reality series that America cant get enough of. The Osbournes are all cant-even-walk-down-the-street-anymore-to-grab-a-bite-to-eat famous. Youll laugh, youll cry, youll wish they lived next door to you (unless youve got the music cranked at 4:00 A.M.). So spend a little time in Officially Osbourne is narrated by Aimee Osbourne and features exclusive soundbites from the show.

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Author Todd Gold
Publication Year 2002
Format Audio CD
ISBN 9780743528221
Number of Pages
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