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Ordination: Living A Buddhist Life Series

Ordination: Living A Buddhist Life Series

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Finding something of true value that evokes our faith and commitment is rare indeed, especially in a time when positive myths are in danger of disappearing. Those in the West today seeking ordination as Buddhists are still convinced of the need to commit to the search for spiritual awakening. Looking at themes such as altruism, purity, loyalty, and courage, and drawing on the example of the Western Buddhist Order, Ordination offers some of the mystery and challenge, confusion and joy the quest can entail. Moksananda's conviction and longing--just as strong eighteen years after his own ordination--will echo in many people's hearts as they search for life's meaning.

Book Details

Author Moksananda
Publication Year 2004
Publisher Windhorse Publications
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781899579600
Number of Pages 160
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