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Outlaw Seduction

Outlaw Seduction

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A WILD AND WILLFUL BEAUTY When she fled finishing school in San Francisco, Eugenia Whalen little dreamed she would soon become a pirate plying the waters off the coast of the Washington Territory, waylaying shipments of oysters worth their weight in gold. Instead of returning to her family home and a flourishing business, she arrived to find her father dead and in his place a tall, dark, maddeningly seductive stranger who laid claim to all that was rightfully hers...and to her womanly charms as well A BOLD AND DARING STRANGER She was an alluring temptress, but Zachary Kellogg was deter-mined to keep what he'd bought and paid for--and to have Eugenia in the bargain! Her fiery beauty roused his senses and her untamed spirit challenged his wits, even as her outrageous schemes plunged them into dangerous waters. Sworn to protect her from the ruthless enemies who threatened them both, Zach knew he'd move heaven and earth to bring his bold and beautiful buccaneer into the safe harbor of his arms and to sail the seas of rapturous love with her... forevermore.

Book Details

Author Kathryn Hockett
Publication Year 1994
Publisher Zebra
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780821793992
Number of Pages 393
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