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In the 21st Century war and espionage have been transformed. With the CIA on the ropes, the armed forces stretched thin, and the need for special operations capabilities at an all-time high, the United States government has turned to private corporations to help shoulder the load.  Companies such as Blackwater USA, Triple Canopy and Abraxas field over 50,000 private soldiers and spies who conduct missions formerly restricted to the military and the CIA.  National security has been outsourced. In Outsourced  Camille Black, a former CIA counterterrorism officer, has left the Agency to create Black Management, a private corporation that specializes in providing former Special Forces operators and CIA case officers for covert operations.  Active in the volatile Middle East, it competes heavily in the cutthroat counterterrorism business. One day, the CIA contracts Camille to track down and eliminate her ex-fiancé Hunter Stone, a Pentagon spy accused of selling arms to terrorist cells.  Battling her old feelings, but fueled by Stone’s disloyalty to both his country and to her, Camille slips into the shadows of the War on Terror to track him down.  Dodging death with each step, she finds herself in the crossfire of the Pentagon and the CIA, where good and evil blur and trust is bought and sold. Outsourced exposes the headlines of tomorrow.  Impeccably researched and masterfully crafted, Outsourced is an edge-of-your seat thriller with a rare glimpse behind the scenes into how private corporations conduct and profit from the multi-billion dollar War on Terror.

Book Details

Author R.J. Hillhouse
Publication Year 2008
Publisher Tor Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780765354815
Number of Pages 512
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