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For the past seventeen years, Wendy Walker has been the 'woman behind the man' at Larry King Live. As King's senior executive producer, she has been responsible for landing exclusive interviews with the most important newsmakers and well-known celebrities from around the globe that have been the hallmark of CNN's iconic show. From the shocking death of Michael Jackson to the first television interview with the Watergate scandal's Deep Throat, Wendy Walker has a wealth of never-before-shared stories involving the most relevant events and people of our time. Starting as an ABC secretary over thirty years ago, she has risen through the male-dominated world of television production. Her passion, intellect, and work ethic are undeniable, but it's her heart that has always been her guide. It's with the same zeal and loving spirituality that she shares the insights gained during her long climb to the top. With empowering advice and inspirational thoughts, Wendy Walker has not only gained a lifetime of experience, but the wisdom to know that it needs to be shared.

Book Details

Author Wendy Walker; Andrea Cagan; Larry King
Publication Year 2010
Publisher Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781599952536
Number of Pages 188
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