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Sound Selling 2 Audio Cassettes

Sound Selling 2 Audio Cassettes

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Sound Selling: Issue 11 features the following: Jim Cathcart: Using the Domino Principle to Knock Over Sales, One Right After Another! Susan Fowler Woodring: Quit Being a Sales Robot!; Dont Go Through the Motions; Until You Know These Potions Robert Ringer: 25 Rules They Dont Teach; You In Any Sales Course Michael LeBoeuf: Who Needs Rewards?; The Customer, Thats Who! Plus... Using your voice to gain and keep attention...; Playing the good news game to your advantage... and more!

Book Details

Author Michael Leboeuf; Robert Ringer; Susan Fowler Woodring; Jim Cathcart
Publication Year 1991
Publisher Nightingale-Conant Audio
Format Audio Cassette
ISBN 9781555254087
Number of Pages
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