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Subtext Audio Book on 2Cassettes

Subtext Audio Book on 2Cassettes

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Body language is a complex and culturally defined form of communication...yet very few have ever studied nonverbal communication formally. But here, Fast shows us how to tap into our intuition, and read people like a book in a fraction of a second - Are they lying? Hiding something from you? Bluffing? Additionally, in this sound recording, Fast shows you how to mask your own subtext, and hide your own nonverbal cues (voice, tone, posture, etc). This presentation also provides an adequate summary to two of Fasts previous books (Body Language, and Talking Between the Lines). His goal is simple: To help you succeed in business and in life by reading the meaning behind body language (i.e., their subtext). -- Malcolm Gladwell

Book Details

Author Julius Fast (From the Author of Body Language)
Publication Year 1991
Publisher Nightingale-Conant Audio®
Format Audio Cassette
ISBN 9781555252809
Number of Pages
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