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The $100,000 Club: How To Make A Six-Figure Income

The $100,000 Club: How To Make A Six-Figure Income

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Everyone wants to achieve a comfortable and secure financial future for themselves and their families. 'The $100,000 Club' allows readers to follow in the footsteps of those who have reached this benchmark. Benton offers the 10 commandments for achieving a salary of 100K: 1) Set a big goal -- say '100K by age 38'.2) School yourself in the way others have made it.3) Take risks within 'an inch' of your career.4) Have better tools than anyone else.5) Focus on your goal but get support from those close to you to help you. Assign them to keep you focused on personal growth -- not just the dollar signs.6) Stay debt free. Keep overhead low.7) Have a good time even when you are doing intense stuff.8) Avoid nay-sayers.9) Share the personal growth and benefits you're experiencing with those who are supporting you.10)Set a good example for others to follow in your footsteps in the future.'The $100,000 Club' is about building a career that puts you in a position to competefor those jobs. As Benton teaches, making money can't be the only objective. The goal must be to become someone worth that amount of money.

Book Details

Author D.A. Benton
Publication Year 1998
Publisher Warner Books
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780446520836
Number of Pages 292
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