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The 4 Phase Man

The 4 Phase Man

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A one phase man's a keeper Two phase man's no sleeper A three phase man's of old Four phase man's worth his weight in gold AManchurian Candidatefor the information age,The 4 Phase Mansolidifies Richard Steinberg's growing reputation as a master of the conspiracy thriller. Relics of the Cold War, four-phase men are CIA legends. Experts in all four of the most critical, most specialized areas of black operations--intelligence gathering, counterintelligence, electronic warfare, and assassination--four-phase men are capable of carrying out the most complicated, dangerous, and deadly missions alone. And since the earliest stages of the O.S.S., there have been only seven of this special breed. Today, just two remain alive--Colin Meadows and Gerald Goldman. Trained from youth to do America's dirty work, Meadows and Goldman never came in from the cold and are now outsiders looking in. Meadows is a play-for-pay operative for the People's Republic of China, and Goldman is in self-imposed exile. Now, after twenty-five years of careful planning and masterful intelligence theft, the Chinese have seized the opportunity to awaken a sleeper spy in the United States. With Meadows ringleading the mole's path to the White House, Goldman is the only man capable of derailing a brilliant stratagem for a silent coup. Chock-full of high-tech espionage and driven by a blistering cat-and-mouse narrative,The 4 Phase Manmay leave readers double-checking the morning newspaper to separate fact from fiction.

Book Details

Author Richard Steinberg
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Doubleday
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780385492591
Number of Pages 368
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