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The Atlas Of The Earth

The Atlas Of The Earth

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Take a fantastic voyage across Earth, from the outside in, thanks to the latest technologies of satellite imagery and NASA photographs. Volcanoes, icebergs, deserts, and glaciers; mountains that push up through the land’s crust and quakes that shake the ground; shifting tides and coasts, and killer winds: the amazing forces that created and shaped them come into sharp visual focus. Watch ever-changing Earth in action, from the frozen poles to coral islands. From out in space, glimpse the marks of man on our planet’s surface; some, like the Great Wall of China (visible from an orbiting spacecraft) don’t hurt the environment. Others, including the ever-diminishing rainforests and holes in the ozone, have caused almost-irreparable harm. Also: topographic maps of the Americas and the Eastern Pacific; Europe and Africa; Asia, Australia, and the Western Pacific; and the North and South Pole present snapshots of our world.

Book Details

Author Alexa Stace
Publication Year 2002
Publisher Friedman
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781586633448
Number of Pages 96
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