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The Bang Devils

The Bang Devils

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If you commit a crime and nobodycatches you -- is it really wrong? For Chris Ryan and Jessica Romano, two Americans living in Japan, life is like a movie. Money comes easy when you're an 'exotic' Westerner. Sex comes even easier. With every need instantly satisfied, the greatest worry is growing restless. Because when your life is a movie, it doesn't take long before you decide you need to do something ... cinematic.So when a wealthy Japanese businessman, overcome with too much whiskey -- and too much Jessica -- boasts that he secretly keeps a fortune in cash in his home, Jessica enlists Chris and her boyfriend, Taro, to help her execute the perfect kidnapping. But they soon learn that the money might not be the only secret the businessman is keeping.As the stakes start to rise, the three friends begin to question their motives -- and one another. It doesn't take long for them to realize that while the surest way to survive is sticking together, the surest way to get rich is betrayal.

Book Details

Author Patrick Foss
Publication Year 2003
Publisher Perennial Dark Alley
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780060554774
Number of Pages 320
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