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The Best Of Npr
The Best Of Npr

The Best Of Npr

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Often maligned from both sides of the political spectrum, National Public Radio (NPR) has nonetheless earned a place in the daily lives of millions of radio listeners by offering a wide range of interesting programming, usually produced at unarguably high standards. One of the keys to NPR's success has been providing insightful interviews of celebrated guests. In compiling A Life in the Arts, NPR has poured through what must be a fascinating trove of recorded treasures to select a handful of gems from the 25-year-old archive. This wealth of intriguing interviews includes actress Lynn Redgrave discussing the pain and glory of growing up in her celebrated family, Ry Cooder musing about what motivates his eclectic musical styles, Broadway legend Ethel Merman describing her stage life, and Dame Margot Fonteyn reflecting on the world of a prima ballerina. Regardless of one's opinion of the state of public radio, this excellent collection is sure to enlighten anyone interested in individuals who commit their lives to the creative process and inspire those who may be contemplating the same. --George Laney

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