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The Catholic Girl's Guide To Sex

The Catholic Girl's Guide To Sex

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The essential handbook for managing your morals the modern way You don't have to be Catholic to feel a twinge of concern when your love life gets too livelybut it helps. Melinda Anderson and Kathleen Murray to the rescue! They provide guidance from your first impure thoughts to the day you cash in your V-card; from the moment you realize with alarm that your numbers sure are adding up, until the blessed morning you wake in the (almost) safe haven of marital sex. This saucy little catechism covers such burning concerns as: Choosing between your hormones and Him The intimidating world of self-love Etiquette tips for the confessional The new Catholic Math: Sex with an ex, an atheist, or a Protestant doesn't count. Were you really, really drunk or was it really, really bad? Doesn't count either. The Catholic Girl's Guide to Sexis here to help you enjoy your inevitable fall from grace.

Book Details

Author Melinda Anderson
Publication Year 2003
Publisher Broadway
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780767913034
Number of Pages 208
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