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The Devil Met A Lady (Toby Peters Mysteries)

The Devil Met A Lady (Toby Peters Mysteries)

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FIRST TRADE PAPERBACK EDITION BY EDGAR AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR STUART KAMINSKY 'I'm here,' came a familiar voice. I turned and found myself looking at Bette Davis no more than a half a dozen feet in front of me. She strode forward around two couples and stood in front of me with a smile that could kill. The orchestra had picked up the theme and it was hard to hear her as she said: 'Why are you following me?' Why has legendary actress Bette Davis been kidnapped not once, not twice, but three times? And what does her abduction have to do with the Third Reich's attempts to steal America's plans for a top-secret superbomber? In pursuit of answers, private eye Toby Peters must penetrate a hapless spy ring composed of third-rate Tinseltown tough guys, and delve into the bedroom peccadillos of America's glitter set. As bodies begin piling around him, he finds himself racing to the rescue of Miss Davis. But if he fails in his mission, who'll protect Peters from the wrath of the star...?

Book Details

Author Stuart M. Kaminsky
Publication Year 2000
Publisher I Books
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780743400046
Number of Pages 240
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