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The Five-Gallon Bucket Book

The Five-Gallon Bucket Book

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Five-gallon buckets start their lives holding everything from paint to pickles. In fact, it's hard to imagine industry in this country continuing without the use of them. But once the contents have been removed, be they steel chains or birdseed, what's to be done with them?The Five Gallon Bucket Book is the first book to take a serious (well, maybe not serious) look at the many uses to which this common item can be put. With 250 million five-gallon buckets manufactured every year, the quest to find a use for them, beyond being the traditional washing-of-the-famiy-car bucket, presents a nearly limitless potential.

Book Details

Author Jim McKenzie
Publication Year 1999
Publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780836281996
Number of Pages 213
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