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The Great Mom Swap (Bantam Skylark Book)

The Great Mom Swap (Bantam Skylark Book)

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Lorna Markham and Scotti Wheeler are next-door neighbors and best friends.  And they each share the same problem:  their mothers.  Lorna's mother nags her about her schoolwork, wondering why she can't be more like Scotti.  And Scotti's mother nags her about her eating habits, telling her to follow Lorna's healthy example.  The girls begin to think that, somewhere along the line, they ended up with the wrong mothers.  And that gives them a terrific idea.  They'll swap mothers!  What could be more perfect?  Both mothers agree, and soon Laura and Scotti are on a great new adventure with each other's families.  Until a surprising thing happens--they each begin to suspect they've made a big mistake.

Book Details

Author Betsy Haynes
Publication Year 1986
Publisher Skylark
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780553156751
Number of Pages 160
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