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The Heart Of A Father

The Heart Of A Father

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Every father has a hidden desire for his children -- to see them surpass him. How can this come about? Ken Canfield gives a three-part blueprint: First, a dad should examine his own heart. Next, he should take steps to improve the way he connects with his children. Then he should take a longer range view and plan specifically for a lifetime of involved fathering. Based on years of careful research involving thousands of dads, this book is a solid reference tool for dads. Canfield's three-part blueprint addresses:-A father's past. A father should resolve his relationship with his own father in order to effectively build a relationship with his children.-How to make a dad's house a home. Canfield explains how to build the four 'walls' or dimensions, of fathering: Involvement, Awareness, Consistency, and Nurturing -A plan for the future. From being a new father to being a grandfather, dads face challenges at each stage of their life. With the long-range perspective this book provides, fathers can anticipate and prepare for the changing situations they'll face.

Book Details

Author Ken Canfield
Publication Year 1996
Publisher Northfield Publishing
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781881273301
Number of Pages 200
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