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The Hidden Power Of Everyday Things

The Hidden Power Of Everyday Things

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This absorbing, day-by-day guidebook draws on numerology, astrology, and the Kabbala to pinpoint -? according to your birthdate -? exactly which materials and objects you need to fill your life with fortune and happiness. If you knew that keeping a cherrywood box on your desk would increase your sense of peace and productivity at work, wouldn¹t you do it? Or if you knew that mirrors could be a source of strength and inspiration to someone important in your life, wouldn¹t you be sure he or she had them? How can we know which objects or materials would be the most advantageous to a harmonious environment? The secret is in your birthday. Written by an all-star team of experts, this authoritative and thoroughly entertaining guidebook tells you how a combination of influences rooted in your birthday can affect -? and enhance -? your personal contentment. The Hidden Power of Everyday Things goes much further than listing common characteristics and compatibilities based on your birthday; it¹s a top-to-bottom resource for optimizing your day-to-day well-being. What colors relax you? What scents make you feel more powerful? How should you decorate your living room? Studying your birthday in confluence with three ancient psychic and metaphysical tools, you¹ll learn what objects, colors, minerals, and shapes can bring ease, comfort, and confidence to your everyday life. Organized by the calendar, clearly arranged, and packed with lists of important, date-specific materials, this fascinating book delivers endless inspiration and invaluable insights into how ordinary, everyday surroundings directly affect spiritual harmony.

Book Details

Author Julie Gillentine; Jonathan Sharp; Alan Oken; Constance Stellas
Publication Year 2000
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780671036201
Number of Pages 788
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