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The Killing Bee (Jacob Burns Mysteries)

The Killing Bee (Jacob Burns Mysteries)

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ldquo;Revolution!rdquo; When writer and stay-at-home dad Jacob Burns arrived at his sonsrsquo; school to a chorus of battle cries, he thought -for one nostalgic, bittersweet second -that hersquo;d gone back in time to the lsquo;60s. But no. Therersquo;s no riot going on -just a bunch of bored, brainy kids. One stubborn, set-in-his-ways principal. And a whole lot of very angry parentshellip;Jacob and his fellow comrades have been lobbying -hard -for a gifted and talented program that will offer their precocious progeny some semblance of challenge. But the principal, Sam Meckel, is the worst of all possible enemies -hersquo;s a paper-pusher, a red-tape supporterhellip;a bureaucrat. And when hersquo;s brained to death with a spelling bee trophy, Jacob starts to wonder if someonersquo;s taken this revolution thing just a little too farhellip;

Book Details

Author Matt Witten
Publication Year 2001
Publisher Signet
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780451204608
Number of Pages 242
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