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The Last Link: Closing The Gap That Is Sabotaging Your Business

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Gregg Crawford, CEO of the multinational performance-improvement firm BayGroup International, exposes the money pit that impotent strategies create. For over twenty-five years, he's worked with major global companies to help them function better. He's found countless companies spending millions of dollars to develop and disseminate a strategy they believe will lead them to corporate growth, strong profits, and secure margins. Companies hope such plans will emphasise their competitive advantages and garner approval from Wall Street, but often they become expensive bookends, never used or looked at beyond the planning process. 'The Last Link' offers hard-hitting practical advice and a watertight implementation process to move the numbers in the right direction by linking strategy with sales.

Book Details

Author Gregg Crawford
Publication Year 2007
Publisher Greenleaf Book Group Press
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9781929774425
Number of Pages 224
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