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The One-Week Wife (Silhouette Desire)

The One-Week Wife (Silhouette Desire)

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Not so long ago, she'd been planning his wedding to another woman. Now Felicity Farnsworth was sharing his honeymoon suite. It had been a shock when dashing Reid Kelly, the former fiance of one of her best friends, had invited 'her' to join him in Cozumel for one week, no strings attached. Despite all the reasons she'd declined, two reasons made her board the flight: she'd secretly, desperately wanted this to happen -- and so apparently had Reid. But Felicity had another secret she would never dare divulge to Reid. She wanted more than just one week.

Book Details

Author Patricia Kay
Publication Year 2006
Publisher Silhouette
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780373767373
Number of Pages 192
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