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The Original Mad Libs 1 (Mad Libs)

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The idea is simple. Someone asks for a part of speech: a verb, a noun, an adjective, or anadverb. We've included definitions and examples of the parts of speech in case you've forgotten.Players call out their ideas to fill in the blanks and in the end, you have a story reeling from one sillysentence to another until nothing makes sense. That's what you call a Mad Lib#174, theworld's greatest word game. Players have been howling with friends or laughing all to themselves forover 35 years! Here's where the fun begins. Check out The Original Mad Libs#174. Once you hearthe laughs this one inspires, you'll probably want to play the rest.

Book Details

Author Roger Price; Leonard Stern
Publication Year 1974
Publisher Price Stern Sloan
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780843100556
Number of Pages 48
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