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The Oxford Minireference Thesaurus

The Oxford Minireference Thesaurus

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Here is a new minithesaurus from Oxford, compact, reliable, easy to use--and brought to you by the makers of the most authoritative reference sources in the world. Alphabetically arranged for easy accessability, The Oxford Minithesaurus offers 8,000 entries and over 150,000 synonyms--more than any other guide of its size--and is completely cross-referenced to lead readers easily to related groups of synonyms, as well as antonymns. With each entry divided into the part of speech it represents, and into numbered meanings (just like a dictionary), it is easy to find the particular sense needed. This minithesaurus also offers example phrases that make the less obvious senses of words clear, marks words that are archaic or slang, and provides a unique noun catalog for generic words such as animal, vehicle, and vessel. Whether used in writings reports, letters, or essays, for doing crossword puzzles, or simply to increase word-power, The Oxford Minireference Thesaurus is the handiest, most comprehensive guide available.

Book Details

Author Alan Spooner
Publication Year 1992
Publisher Clarendon Press
Format Paperback
ISBN 9780198691716
Number of Pages 617
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