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The Rogue Warrior 2 Cassettes Stereo

The Rogue Warrior 2 Cassettes Stereo

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Richard Marcinko first exploded out of the clandestine world of special forces/unconventional warfare with his #1 New York Times bestselling autobiography Rogue Warrior. Now, he calls upon the warriors who served by his side to tell their own stories. The Real Team tells it like it is: how highly motivated individuals come to the Teams, how they train, and how they fight in the four corners of the globe. From the sea, from the air, or from the land -- SEAL Teams attack the enemy from any direction, any time, with weapons ranging from a K-bar knife to an AK-47. Here, for the first time the real life models for such characters as Indian Jew, Duck foot Dewey, and Prince Valiant recount their journeys from the civilian world to BUD/S training, their first experiences under fire, and how they turned from newbies to seasoned veterans, from loyal U.S. servicemen to Rogue Warriors whose only rule was that the Warrior does not give up. Ever. The Real Team also reveals the Rogue Warriors secrets for team selection and team maintenance. From setting up an ambush to making a HAHO -- high altitude, high opening -- parachute jump, from the Philippines to Desert Storm, the stories in the audiobook are about real men and real missions, and about the SEAL mentality of teamwork, training, loyalty, and never-say-die aggression. For it is the spirit of the real Teams that shaped these extraordinary individuals and positioned them for success -- in every battlefield and every endeavor they would face in life.

Book Details

Author Richard Marcinko With John Weisman
Publication Year 1999
Format Audio Cassette
ISBN 9780671044404
Number of Pages
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